How to choose a travel pillow

How to choose a travel pillow

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Long flights, bus trips, car trips as a passenger is not an easy test, in which it is quite difficult to get enough sleep. Properly selected travel pillow is capable of significantly facilitating relaxation in such conditions. For those who constantly have to stay in such states, it is simply obliged to become a constant companion, since it performs several functions at once:

  • relieves tension from the cervical muscles;
  • It becomes an excellent prevention of pain;
  • reduces fatigue on the road or while waiting for a flight;
  • prevents the development of osteochondrosis;
  • maintains normal blood circulation, especially blood flow to the brain, so when using it there is no unpleasant headache, dizziness due to lack of oxygen.

Types of Travel Pillows

Pillows for travel today are presented in such a wide variety that it is easy to get confused. There are many types of it, depending on the form:

  • Bagel – this pillow is worn on the back and prevents tipping or tilting the head to the side during sleep or rest. Most often, this option is chosen by drivers or taxi drivers who have to wait on the road;
  • Collaris one of the most popular options. It is fixed on the neck, reliably supporting its muscles, while its size is sufficient so that you can slightly tilt the shape and take a nap if desired;
  • The pillow-retainer for the body is the largest in size, somewhat similar to a beam, one end of which rests against the back of the chair, and the other in the seat. Its upper part is wide, so you can tilt your head on it and sleep comfortably;
  • Headrest– this version of the seat cushion does not provide for fixation on the body, but is mounted on a chair or simply placed on a horizontal surface.

Travel pillows differ not only in shape. You can also choose several options depending on the content: airbags, stuffed and with memory effect. The first are the most compact – after air release they take up very little space, so they are easy to carry. But at the same time, they are also the most fragile, since the storage of sharp objects with them can lead to a puncture and render them unusable.

Stuffed travel pillows are more voluminous, so not everyone wants to take their place in a travel bag. But they have their own merits. Filling such accessories is often much more convenient than air and gives greater comfort during sleep on the road. They can also be made with a removable cover, which makes it easy to refresh them with washing.

Pillows for travel with a memory effect have a special foam inside, which, when pressed on it with the head and neck, remembers the imprint of their shape. After some time, the accessory returns to its original appearance. And a separate option for relaxing while traveling is to remember transformer pillows. They are round with a hole in the middle, so bending them you can get a comfortable collar for the neck or use for sitting, if necessary.

How to choose a travel pillow for your neck

Such a huge number of forms and options of travel pillows is produced so that everyone can choose the most comfortable for themselves. When choosing, you need to consider several nuances.

  • First of all, it is necessary to determine the most comfortable posture for sleeping in a sitting position. If you like to sleep on your side – the “U” -shaped version is best, on the back, with your head back – the pillow in the form of a bone or a roll will become relevant.
  • No less important is the material. More practical synthetic fabrics – they are easily washed and dry quickly, but touching the body is more pleasant if the cover is natural. In extreme cases, you can wrap the pillow for the neck with a scarf made of cotton, linen or sew a cover on your own.
  • Not in the last place and filler. In the case of inflatable options – this is air, which today is considered not the best option, because over time it keeps its shape less and less. It is worth giving preference to more rigid filling – polystyrene foam balls, memory foam.

How to choose a pillow for traveling on an airplane

The principle of choosing a travel cushion is the same for almost all types of transport. But if you have to spend more than one hour on the plane, then this issue should be approached very carefully. You don’t have to pay the price of a first class ticket to enjoy the luxury of sleeping with a 100% pure mulberry silk pillow and eye-mask.

For just $69, you can transport yourself you to world of hydrated wrinkle-free skin, voluminous hair, and high-quality temperature-regulated sleep on Silken Pure travel set. With a Silken Pure travel set you can finally start looking forward to a flight, rather than dreading it. Order now to take advantage of free shipping! In addition to the most convenient form and variant of the filler, it is necessary to pay attention to seemingly trifles:

  • the quality of the seams – all of them should be internal, not protrude anywhere, so as not to interfere with a good rest during sleep;
  • in the version with air bags for traveling, choose products with hiding boost valves. Such parts in quality products are hidden inside, and not protrude. Also pay attention to the outer layer, it should be soft so that your head and neck do not sweat on the rubber.
  • stiffness – it should be sufficient to support the head and neck for several hours.