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Travel Set

Bring A Sense of Luxury With You Wherever You Go

At Silken Pure, purity remains at the very forefront of our entire foundation. Pure comfort, pure luxury, pure benefits, and pure love go into each and every product that we delicately craft. Today, you can get your hands on a unique pure mulberry silk travel set that contains everything you could ever need to bring that ultimate level of comfort and luxury with you wherever you go.

Featuring earth-friendly products made from 100% pure mulberry silk and non-toxic dyes, every product that you find in your new travel set from Silken Pure is specifically designed to promote a healthy body.

The Perfect Travel Set

When you’re flying long distance, don’t settle for anything less than pure luxury. Think about it – long periods spent in a plane can wreak havoc on your body, leaving you with devastating jet lag, dry and irritated skin, and dry, matted hair. But today, you can completely transform your travel experience.

Everything You Need

Your new pure silk travel pillow offers a newfound sense of comfort and luxury for your next extended flight. Made from the same pure mulberry silk that we use to craft our silk pillowcases, you can still receive the same health benefits that support anti-aging, anti-bedhead, and anti-sleep wrinkles throughout the duration of your flight.

And don’t forget about your silk sleep mask that can help you get some much-needed shut-eye for your next flight. From the outer shell to the filler lining, you’ll find pure mulberry silk throughout your new silk sleep mask. Sourced directly from historic silk farms, our mulberry silk offers a product that is soft to the touch, comfortable, and also entirely safe for the body.

Leave The Plane Feeling Refreshed

Never step foot off of a plane feeling slow, sluggish, and groggy ever again. With Silken Pure, you can completely transform your travel experience with the power of pure comfort, pure luxury, and pure silk.