Slip into total luxury. Immerse yourself with pleasure.   Made from the finest 100% pure mulberry silk found in the world, our Silken Pure robe features a wrap around design. We have designed this robe to create the self love and pampering that you deserve.  This is the ultimate gift of self care. 

Our Silken Pure Robe will arrive in a luxurious gift box that will delight any lucky woman. Because our silk is 100% natural it contains 18 amino acids that aid to hydrate and protect skin.  Our silk is a natural temperature regulator, you will feel the soothing and cool benefits as you wrap yourself in this luxury. Beware of imitations, most robes are “satin” which is 100% synthetic, full of harmful dyes,chemicals, and will feel hot and stuffy.  Our silk is truly special and will stand the test of time. The robe is machine washable using a delicate and cold setting.

The better you care for your silk, the longer it will wear.

At Silken Pure, we believe in a natural approach to self care. That’s why our pure mulberry silk comes directly from a mulberry silk farm.  Our supplier has been carefully selected for it’s OEKO TEX 100 rating to ensure only non-toxic dyes and natural fibers are used in creating the best quality silk. It has been specially commissioned and made to our exact standards to provide the ultimate combination of sheen, luxurious thickness, softness and durability.  We use the highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme. What is a momme? An old imperial measurement indicating the weight of the silk. The thicker or heavier the silk, the more it drapes and stays luminous. Because we use such high quality, our robe is machine washable on cold delicate setting.

The Silken Pure robes are available in two variations: Short and Full length. Each robe is the perfect addition for adding glam and luxury to your sleepwear collection.

Treat yourself or someone you love.