All the keys to choose your best travel pillow

All the keys to choose your best travel pillow

Traveling is a pleasure, but sometimes it is an exhausting activity. Many waiting hours are spent at airports, stations and routes become endless. Will you let that put you off? Of course not!

One of the options that will make those waiting or travel periods go faster will be if you take a little head. Above all, if you travel alone. Although there are many things you can do if you travel alone (as I indicated in the free guide if you subscribe to my mailing list), sometimes, out of boredom or exhaustion, it is the best choice and taking a nap can help you continue the trip with more strength.

Tip: If you are afraid of airplanes, try not to sleep much the night before the trip. So, if you are more tired, sleeping on the plane will not be so difficult and the flight will pass faster.

However, sleeping upright or sitting is not the most comfortable. The head ends up falling for a la or forward, I even open my mouth, haha ​​and as much as you try to avoid, your subconscious does not attend to reasons.

To avoid those neck pains, whips and scares, it is advisable to use a travel pad. Travel pads are small pillows that are placed around the neck (although there are in other formats too, such as those placed on the seat belt or towers) and serve to maintain a more upright position while you sleep. There are all styles and colors today, inflatable, with cervical support, viscoelastic, with hood to cover you and gain darkness and privacy. There is no better or worse; each person likes a style. You will have to try them little by little to find out which one is best for you.

Give Yourself First Class Treatment in Economy

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