Sleep Masks

The Revitalizing Sleep That You Deserve

Here at Silken Pure, nothing is more important to us than breaking away from the general conventions of today’s sleep accessory and sleep mask manufacturers. We’re moving past the synthetic, artificial, petrochemicals that are used in most beautify and bedding products because we know just how harmful they can be to our bodies.

When you shop with Silken Pure, you can depend on our 100% pure silk sleep masks. You’ll never find a single artificial fiber in our products – just pure organic silk.

Your Luxury Sleep Experience

At the very forefront of our design process is always comfort, luxury, and health. We’re firm believers that our silk sleep products are the very best on the market – and we’ll be proud to tell you why.

From the outer shell to the filler lining, you’ll find pure mulberry silk throughout your new silk sleep mask. Sourced directly from historic silk farms, our mulberry silk offers a product that is soft to the touch, comfortable, and also entirely safe for the body. And in fact, in addition to their feel and their look, our silk sleep masks also offer a number of health benefits that make these sleep accessories truly one of a kind.


When it comes to your skin, silk is proven to support natural skin hydration. If you experience dry skin or rough skin during the winter months, your new silk sleep mask will keep the skin around your eyes moisturized and hydrated every night.

Healthy Skin

Not only will your new silk sleep mask leave your skin nice and hydrated, but it also promotes healthy, crease-free skin. Silk contains a number of anti-aging and anti-sleep wrinkle properties that helps to naturally eliminate the creases that you see in the mirror upon first waking up.

Total Comfort

At Silken Pure, we’re endlessly dedicated towards providing our customers with total comfort. We want you to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling restful and looking entirely revitalized. Pure mulberry silk is safe, hypoallergenic, and soft to the touch, leaving you with the ultimate sleep experience.

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