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Modern manufacturers of pillows offer a wide range of models, among which it is quite difficult to choose an option that is 100% suitable. A detailed review and customer reviews will help determine the choice.

These accessories will be interesting to people who spend a lot of time at the computer, travelers and motorists.


1) cushion for neck with headrest

This pillow is made of durable vinyl with flocking. This coating gives velvetiness to the material and prevents diaper rash when the material comes in contact with the skin.

The pillow is small in size, which does not prevent it from fully performing its functions. In a deflated state, the product does not take up much space, easily fits in the case that comes with the kit.

The accessory has a convenient design. The headrest perfectly fixes the neck, preventing it from leaning back. Such pillows are often used by truckers to fix the neck in an upright position. A pillow with a headrest gives you the opportunity to relax the muscles of the neck, neck, and forearm while driving. Also, the presence of a headrest will help those who spend a lot of time at the computer.

It can be used with or without a head restraint; the product has two inflation valves – one in the body and the other in the head restraint. When the headrest is deflated, the neck can lean back and to the side. A pillow with a headrest is useful for rest and sleep during travel, moving, business trips.

Features of Pillow with headrest:

  • Material: flocked PFH easy to wash and clean.
  • The edges of the pillow are about 12 cm apart.
  • Can be used with and without head restraint.
  • Suitable for people of any complexion.
  • A pillow with a stylish cover included will become an indispensable companion for long trips and on vacation.

2) INTEX Pillow

INTEX is well known for its flocked PVC inflatable products. The coating is really very pleasant and slightly softens the previous version. Contamination from the flocked surface is easily removed, the pillow can be washed, wiped with a damp sponge.

The design with its edges almost closed allows you to tilt your head in any direction, including forward. Due to its large size, it allows you to fix a long neck, the muscles of the spine are in a relaxed state. The edges of the pillow almost touch each other, which allows you to sleep, tilting your head forward.

The manufacturer recommends inflating the product at ¾ volume. In a slightly deflated state they are really much more comfortable and softer. The pillow has one valve that hides inside, but in order not to feel it under any circumstances, it is better to place the product on the neck with the valve down.

3) Pillows in the car

Soft velor inflatable accessories are ideal for trips. Choosing these pillows, they are used for the cervical and lumbar in a sitting position during long trips. Medium inflation stiffness is suitable for keeping the spine relaxed.

  • Both models are easily inflated and deflated if necessary.
  • When folded, they occupy a minimum of space in the car.

An inflatable pillow will help to reduce fatigue if you are driving and will give you a good rest if you are a passenger of a car. The advantage is its small size, the accessory can be transported in the glove compartment or trunk. The product can be used in any conditions, outdoors and at home. Supports the head, contributing to the relaxation of all muscles. In a convenient position it is nice to watch your favorite movie, read a book, play a computer game.

Pillows in the car are made of high quality PVC, resistant to abrasion, shock, repeated use. Products do not fade, do not respond to excessive humidity, sudden temperature changes.


Both pillows have reliable valves that hide inside after inflation, do not interfere during use. Pleasant to the touch due to the flocked coating and do their job well.

Pros pillows with headrest

  • Two valves with the ability to deflate the headrest
  • Comfortable cushion-colored cover
  • It fixes the neck well in an upright position. Suitable for both traveling and when you need long-term work at the computer
  • On the inner semicircle has a mantle, which prevents the neck from cushioning with the pillow
  • It is smaller and convenient for people with short neck lengths.

Pros of Intex Pillows

  • Velvety and softer to touch surface
  • Larger size – suitable for people with a longer neck
  • The closely spaced edges in the front make it possible to sleep comfortably, tilting your head in all directions, including forward
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