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About us


Pure silk is the beauty secret that celebrities, super models, dermatologists, and beauty experts use from around the world.  Until now, it has only been offered at high end department stores with a hefty price tag. It is our pleasure to offer the highest quality found throughout the world. Why is this silk so special?

  • Silken Pure is 100% pure Mulberry Silk.  Made from the highest grade (6A) long fiber, with the thickness of a 22 momme.  What is a momme? An old imperial measurement indicating the weight of the silk. The thicker or heavier the silk, the more it drapes and stays luminous.  We have gone directly to the source to find the highest quality silk.
  • All silk is not created equal.  Some manufacturers advertise for 22 momme, but the weight is measured at different times of production, which then skews the reported  information. We tried and tested them all, and this is the best on the market.
  • Some discount stores offer ‘‘Satin” pillowcases and lure you by it’s soft feel.  However, satin is 100% synthetic, therefore negating the benefits. Our silk is completely pure, composed of 18 amino acids, with it’s fiber’s tightly woven and smooth.



Silken Pure has purpose and passion.  We give back . Our passion lies with Mental Health Awareness.  All too often, Mental health is overlooked.  We are now seeing rising suicide rates and  mental illnesses among children to young adults.  1 in 5 young people age 13-18  has or will develop a mental illness in their lifetime according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2017.  Often times, these people feel there is no where to turn and feel isolated.  We vow to help make a difference.

That's why Silken Pure gives back:

Silken Pure is a health and beauty brand dedicated to the  support of mental health awareness.  We are engaged in a special campaign in which Fifty percent of net profits from the sale of all Silken Pure products are given to the Silken  Fund.  This will  support our non profit partners in promoting education and connecting  those affected with mental illness to established resources for treatment and support.