Behind the Brand

"Developing Silken Pure hailed from my love of teaching self-care.  As an occupational therapist, my education and experience of both biomechanical science and psychosocial training created the foundation.    All too often, we sacrifice our own wellbeing and forget the importance of the mind-body balance. At Silken Pure, we recreate and design simple everyday items, and then use the highest quality non-toxic/earth friendly silk found in the world to help elevate and achieve a balance of both luxury and self-care.  Our mulberry silk is a pure protein fiber with 18 amino acids harnessing both health and beauty properties. It truly is a small luxury with big benefits."







Our Culture of Giving:

Since we began Silken Pure, we have been inspired to use our success as a platform to help others in a meaningful way.  We are dedicated to giving back.


Silken Pure Passions...   

We engage in frequent campaigns giving 10% to 50% of our proceeds to non profit foundations that help our youth with mental and emotional health and breaking the stigmas surrounding mental illness starting at age 3-24 years. 


Mental Health Non profit partners include:  




This October, we give back for Breast Cancer Awareness:


All month of October, we will be giving back 10% of our proceeds to American Cancer Association and for Silken Pure Survivor Self Care Packages to our Non profit Parter, HEAL (Happily Ever After League):