Men's Face mask: Navy blue - Silken Pure

Men's Face mask: Navy blue

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Adjusting to new norms with style, grace, and health is essential to living well. That’s why Silken Pure has redesigned the traditional face mask by using pure mulberry silk.

Product features:
1. Three layer of pure mulberry silk with sewn in pockets to hold disposable HEPA filter (making
a total of 4 layers)
2. The mask comes with 7 disposable HEPA filters (make sure filter is placed between pockets)
3. The filter should be replaced every time the mask is washed. The mask can be hand washed
or washed in a delicate cycle, cold setting. No dryer. (Air dry only)
4. Mulberry silk is a hypoallergenic, tightly woven/smooth fiber keeping allergens and bacteria
away from face. (Cotton is 20 x more absorbent)
5. Mulberry silk is a natural protein fiber, aids in keeping skin hydrated, and is a natural
temperature regulator.
6. Highest textile rating - OKEO TEX 100- ensuring only non-toxic dyes are used.
7. Adjustable elastic straps.
8. Adjustable built in nose fitting.