Men's Champagne Pillow Case - Silken Pure
Men's Champagne Pillow Case - Silken Pure

Men's Champagne Pillow Case

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Size:Queen size
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Men's Champagne Pillow Case

Queen size / Silk / champagne

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Pillow cases:

Ever wondered why after waking up, your hair is a mess, you have sleep creases all over your face, and your skin is dry and irritated?  It may be the pillowcase you are using. Discover the secret that celebrity hair stylists, dermatologists, and models have been using for years.  

Our Pure Mulberry Silk  has been specially formulated to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability.  We use the highest grade (6A) long fire mulberry silk, with the thickness of a 22 momme and enforce the strictest quality guidelines, including non-toxic dyes.  We spent countless hours of research finding the most superb silk made.

Due to its high quality, our silk is machine washable on cold with gentle detergent. We recommend air drying and low heat iron.  

Anti-aging: Silken pure uses mulberry silk that is made up of incredible protein-rich fibers that contain 18 different amino acids.  Since our products only use the purest silk, these amino acids when pressed against your skin help to hold in its moisture, making it an excellent skin hydration aid.  What’s more, the pure silk surface of both the pillow and the eye mask will help to keep any night time moisturizers you've applied to you face in place, rather than transferring on their surface.  

Anti-bedhead:  The silky smooth texture of the Silken Pure pillow facilitates your hair flowing across it’s surface rather the becoming tugged and matted during the course of your sleep.  You can ensure your hairstyle has a much better chance of remaining intact, with blowouts and volumized styles staying in place, even after multiple hours in bed.  The 18 natural amino acids in silk help hold moisture in your hair.

Anti-sleep wrinkles:  Dermatologist ts have been recommending silk pillowcases for healthier  skin for years.  Not only are they incredibly soft and luxe to sleep with, but the best silk pillowcases, which are made of smooth , natural fabric , have much more slip than traditional bedding textiles.  This eliminates the creases you see when you wake up , especially if you’re a sidegulator, you will  Fall asleep quickly and comfortably.  The pillowcase stays cool to touch, allowing you to sleep blissfully.   Our pure silk is hypoallergenic, keeping skin from bacterial and allergens like dust mites that cause irritation and breakouts.  You will notice a difference in the clarity of your skin and reduced blemishes on your face.

 or stomach sleeper.  Ultimately, this prevents permanent damage to the delicate skin around your eyes and on your face.

Natural Temperature Regulator/ Hypoallergenic:  Falling asleep and staying asleep are number one issues most people face at bedtime. Because  Silken Pure is a natural temperature re