About our Silk

Hello there! I am very excited to introduce pure silk into your life. 

Do you ever wake up and look at your skin and hair thinking, "Oh Snap! What just happened? I've got bed head, my face is irritated, and I've got so many sleep wrinkles I look like a boxer puppy!" Eeeek! 

We spend 1/3 of our day with our face and head against a pillowcase as we sleep. What are you sleeping on?  Chances are, it is a synthetic polyester, or a cotton blend that hold bacteria , absorb our expensive skincare products, and tug at our hair, breaking it off or leaving it a mess. Ouch!

Pure Silk has 18 amino acids with tightly woven smooth fibers that make it hypoallergenic, a natural temperature regulator, keeps bacteria from entering your skin, and allows your skin to absorb your costly nighttime moisturizers, not your pillowcase. The smooth fibers allow for your hair to glide and not tug, extending blowouts and hair styles. Ultimately, Pure silk will keep your skin and hair glowing in radiant health and protect the costly investments we make in our hair and skin products. 

So what are we waiting for?

Well first of all, it's expensive and found only at stores like Sephora. Sure, it is great quality,  but the price tag will leave you faint.

In contrast, Discount stores sometimes offer "Satin" pillowcases, but these are artificial fibers that are the core problem in the first place.  I've even tried pure silk on Amazon, but the quality fell far short to what I've found in dealing directly with Silk farms and manufacturers.

Not all silk is created equal. I can't stress this enough.

So take your time, have a look around my store, and when you are ready to own the highest quality silk, I will be waiting. I will always offer you free returns if you are not satisfied with your product. 

Think about what a beautiful gift for yourself or loved one this will make, and how you will help complete the missing link to the health and beauty we are searching for.